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Wholesale and retail garlic butter

Are you looking for award-winning garlic butter with a proven track record of sales? 

Our Paula’s have been developing their tasty garlic butter over the past three years, We have built up a following on the Lancashire Farmer’s Markets & foodie events circuit by trialling new recipes and combinations of herbs, spices and ingredients. Farmer’s Markets give instant feedback on what customers think of your product. You quickly know when you’ve got it right.

We have stockists of our products throughout the North West of England, that we have been supplying consistently and successfully over the past few years. They continue to sell well to a growing number of customers. 

Our Paula’s artisan garlic butter is made in our first production kitchen in Leyland, Lancashire, using the highest quality locally sourced as much as is possible ingredients for our ‘tried and tasted’ recipes. We have robust HACCUP Food safety measures along with South Ribble EHO five star hygiene rating. And this year we are applying for SALSA Producer registration.

Would you like to stock Our Paula’s products in your shop or use them in your restaurant? Other retailers find them to be sure-fire winners. 

Okay, so garlic bread is one of the most satisfying treats you can imagine, however using our range of different kinds of garlic butter does not stop with garlic bread, as great as it is! 

Garlic butter is an amazing ingredient that adds life and excitement to a long list of dishes.


If you use garlic butter in your catering establishment or restaurant then using Our Paula’s range of Garlic Butters, whether you opt for either our Plant-based Vegan and our Vegetarian that contains dairy or you go for both? they will enhance and provide you with consistency with your recipes. 

They will also be more efficient by giving you a ready-made, tasty ingredient that you can use within all your dishes starter garlic bread including naans, & flatbreads, Pizza & doughballs superb in pasta, sautéed & steamed vegetables including garlic mushrooms its really versatile across your entire menu including all meat & seafood

Our Glass pots for retail are packed full of flavour and they have a minimum shelf life of six weeks and they need to be displayed in your chiller. 

The current size for retail is 110g and the minimum order is 24 mixed flavours of your choice across our current range.

The current size for wholesale catering is 1kg & 2kg plastic tamper proof tubs sold individually or as required. The minimum shelf life is six weeks and can be stored in your chiller or frozen up to three months.

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Allergen information

Plant-based (vegan)

Allergens: contains Soy


Allergens: contains dairy

Our products are vegetarian. No meat products are produced in our production kitchen so that you can feel happy that our products meet your customers’ requirements.

We make our Plant-based products are produced separate from our Dairy products which are produced in a self-contained separate kitchen within our production unit. Our procedures give you, your customers’ and ourselves peace of mind that the safe allergen controls we have in place ensure that your orders will meet customers dietary requirements.