Hello, we are Paula & Eugene, passionate Lancashire artisan producers of our original garlic plant-based vegan BUTTA and vegetarian Butters.

“I made my first garlic butter over thirty years ago, when I was twenty-six, as a response to none in the shops.”

Back then, I wanted to make it and sell it to the public, my life’s journey took me on another path until 2016 when I got an opportunity to make and sell my garlic butter at a local event. I realised that my passion for this product had never left.

At the age of fifty-five, I registered as self-employed and began making my butters in my home kitchen and selling them all over the nortwest, at farmers markets and events. We have grown year on year and we have progressed to our own commercial unit based in leyland.

We are in a great position to literally ‘spread’ the word about our fantastic products and to scale up to meet independent retail demand. We have a great following on social media which has grown in a totally organic way, with happy returning customers.

Our products use a secret blend just bursting with flavour of fresh garlic, herbs & spices unlike any other available. We are the first Butter company in the world to become certified palm oil free and we only use natural preservatives no genetically modified organisms.

VB – Vegetarian Butter
PVB – Plant-based Vegan BUTTA

Code Product Unit Weight Unit Cost SSP Pack Pack Cost Margin
VB1 Garlic Butter 110g £2.33 £3.40 12 £27.96 31%
VB2 Garlic & Chilli Butter 110g £2.33 £3.40 12 £27.96 31%
VB3 Mixed Box 110g £2.33 £3.40 12 £55.92 £55.92
PVB1 Garlic BUTTA 110g £2.33 £3.40 12 £27.96 31%
PVB2 Garlic & Chilli BUTTA 110g £2.33 £3.40 12 £27.96 31%
PVB3 Mixed Box 110g £2.33 £3.40 12 £55.92 £55.96

For wholesale catering 1kg tubs please request details via our contact form.
All options are certified palm oil free.
All options need to be chilled at 5 degrees C.
All options have a min. four weeks shelf life.
All options come in a glass pot 110g.
All options need 8 days lead time.
All options are £2.33 per unit including delivery.

Minimum order quantity 24 mixed units £55.20


CASE OF 24 – £56


A Range of our Finest Products

Take a look at our variety of products and culinary delights. There is sure to be something tasty for you or a loved one.

  • £27.96

  • £27.96

  • £27.96

  • £27.96

  • £55.92

  • £55.92

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