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When we first started out our product range it consisted of 100% dairy-based butter. As we went on the road bringing our garlic butter to market it became apparent that our customers and their families required more than just a dairy option.  After chatting to our customers, time after time they told us that their families have different and varying needs, sometimes this was due to lifestyle and ethical choices and other times due to diet and health restrictions, such as allergens.

We decided then to develop vegan butter products for our vegan customers. Then a number of our vegan customers stated that they could not have soy- so, we went away and conducted further customer market research. We set up customer focus group with people from different food groups including Vegan, Vegetarian, Celiac, Lactose intolerant, Gluten free, Allergen free & Flexitarian from both professional and non-professional backgrounds. We invited them to sample our products and we asked them to provide detailed analysis and feedback and offer some guidance.

 We have taken on board this feedback and learned so much about lifestyle choices and dietary needs that we created a “Butta”! We not only removed the soy; we removed all top fourteen allergens; we have learned so much from our focus group and we now understand how important it is to use this knowledge. Butta is our trademarked copywrited term for our non-dairy based products!

Within three years we have grown from a company that produced 100% dairy products to a company that now has 90% plant-based alternatives to dairy and or mainstream products.

We continually strive to improve, and we will keep developing products that everyone in every family can enjoy. Our products are:





oUR award winning ‘FREE FROM’ GARLIC BUTTA

This year our Garlic Butta won the gold award at the Free From Awards UK

Free From products update!

We are building a free from top 14 allergens self-contained kitchen within our new production unit!

This self-contained kitchen will be having everything separate including equipment, ovens, cleaning, and ingredients area. We will do everything we can to avoid any risks of cross contamination because we have undertaken specific industry advice and training around the safe food process and protocols. We will still be using a few allergens in our main production area, including Milk, walnuts, sesame seeds & soy. However, this kitchen will also have distinct allergen control areas, this area will never be used to produce our free from range.

Allergen awareness & practices are a high priority to us, to enable our customers to feel sale, happy and confident that we are doing everything we can to achieve both high food safety & customer service standards.

Our product labels will have a QR scan code which will link our customers to valuable free from information. Please scan your Our Paula’s Butta or Butter to learn more or click the below button!