Allergen Guide


We produce all our products in our commercial kitchen unit. We support the introduction of Natasha’s Law.

We have specifically designed our kitchens so that we can manage the allergens we use.

We have divided our production areas into two designated kitchen spaces.

GREEN Kitchen area
We produce all our plant-based products, we handle and manage the following allergens walnuts & Soy. From time to time we also handle some bread for events that contain gluten & wheat.

YELLOW contained Kitchen area
We produce two products that contain milk (dairy)

Each area has separate lines for everything that we make. Each kitchen area has dedicated tools, utensils, appliances, cleaning equipment and uniforms.

We implement strict and robust preparation and cleaning procedures ensuring that we do our level best to avoid cross-contamination. We are always striving to attain high standards through expert advice, guidance and training to continually improving our procedures. We are working towards getting full allergen Traceability on all the ingredients we use throughout our supply chain

If you have any specific queries or requirements please contact us

Our production kitchens have been awarded a 5-star hygiene rating.