Eugene and Paula - image


We are Paula & Eugene, passionate, happy & enthusiastic founders of Our Paula’s BUTTA Company,

Artisan producers of Plant based Vegan & Vegetarian butters.

Proud to be based in Lancashire United Kingdom.

We are the Worlds 1st butter company to become Certified Palm Oil Free.

With all our products carrying the palm oil free trade mark we aim to raise
awareness about the devastation and the impact of over production of palm oil. to support palm free cert board link

We ensure that our BUTTA’s are packed full of flavour that taste delicious,
fresh, dreamy & creamy. They’re all made with ingredients that don’t contain any PALM OIL or GMO’S.

Our BUTTA are presented in glass jars 110g & 240g and they are perfect to recycle or repurpose.

We use quality ingredients that we try and source as locally as possible.
We are a small company with mighty plans, we do our best to achieve our goals one step at a time.

“We simply make great tasting versatile
BUTTA created for everyone to enjoy”


If you are looking for stockists of our products, you will find a list here.